Job Description



ALLOY Strategists are responsible for three modes of strategic building: Insight Translation, Proving Concepts, and Final Execution Planning.

-Insight Translation: Ability to translate research into new commercialized opportunities such as new business and brand modeling for clients, as well as new business development opportunity for ALLOY.  This demands up to date industry and trend knowledge, as well as customer research analysis skills.

-Proving Concepts: Ability to translate concepts into convincingbrand strategies and architectures that unites the hidden needs of people with our client's greatest strength; typically through skill sets such as strategy writing, presentation writing, and verbal presentation skills that drive client action.

-Final Execution Planning: Capable of creating final brand platforms and systems that are easy to understand share and activate across entire organizations & departments. 

Secondary Responsibilities

ALLOY strategists also provide support functions to our cross-functional team.

-Research Support— Assist with ethnography, coding, analysis, workshops and creating presentations.

-Design Support— Grow empathy for the power of design by assisting in creative ideation, developing new ways to incorporate design earlier in the process, and looking for ways to limit unnecessary production pressure from clients.

-Maintaining Customer Relationships — Nurturing relationships outside the project is possibly the most important way to support the future of business development.

-Copywriting: Delivering copy to ensure the concept is clear and concise. Directing internal and external copywriters and designers through project brief building, scheduling, strategic direction, time management, relationship building, up-to-date knowledge of software, etc. with a professional approach to time, costs, and deadlines 

-Lead Business Development—  Lead pitch development process to include lead generation, coordinating with the researcher to design the "primer" research for developing business, developing pitch strategy, writing proposals, and estimating time and expense for potential projects.