Job Description



ALLOY Researchers are responsible for three modes of research: designing, conducting, and insight delivery.

Designing Research:

- Responsible for the Research Design of both the qualitative and quantitative research based on the project scope, client needs, schedule, budget constraints and the ALLOY Research Principles.

- Facilitates Recruiting either through ground-up recruiting systems or through purchasing audiences.


Conducting Research:

- Skilled in Qualitative Research, including interviewing, observational research, coding and analysis. Experience in human centered research and Grounded Theory a plus.

- Leads research portion of projects, which may include in-home research, shop-alongs, focus groups, surveys and supports strategy and design portions of project through validation and corroboration.

- Competent in basic Quantitative Research methods, including survey methodologies, statistics, and Excel or statistical software.


Insight Delivery:  

- Serves as a bridge to strategy through Data Analysis (both quantitative and qualitative) and uncovering actionable insights for strategic team member.


ALLOY Researchers also provide support functions to our cross-discipline team.

Design Support:

- Grow empathy for the power of design by assisting in creative ideation, developing new ways to incorporate design as research stimuli, and test design concepts through research.


Strategy Support:

- Assist in strategy creation by developing personas, co-creating and delivering strategy presentations, and supporting them with convincing data.


Business Development Support:

- Supports their team’s Business Development efforts through secondary research, proactive target research and customer expectation surveys.