Job Description



ALLOY Designers are responsible for three modes of design: creative ideation, prototyping, and final design.

-Ideation: Working with a team you will communicate new ideas, concepts, and solutions from research and insights in the form of writing and sketching. 

-Prototyping: Alongside a team of researchers, strategists, and other designers, you will work together to create low fidelity, highly conceptual visualizations of strategic concepts into a variety of different forms such as wireframes, presentations outlines, mock websites, user journeys, etc. 

-Final Design: Once an idea or concept is agreed upon you will work to deliver Fortune 500 quality design that serves a large spectrum of final platforms such as visual identity systems, presentations, digital experiences, manuals, posters, packaging, exhibitions, displays, corporate communications etc. Within this mode of design it is important to have an up-to-date knowledge of design software such as Adobe Creative Suite, Keynote, etc.



ALLOY Designers also provide support functions for our cross-discipline team.

-Research Support— Assist in the formation and validation of strategic solutions, building presentations and creating iterative solutions through design.

-Strategy Support — Assist in strategy creation, creating presentations and rapid 2D design mockups.

-Design Direction: Provide design direction to internal and external partners by helping create project briefs, building schedules, providing creative direction, helping manage deadlines, relationship building, and providing an overall professional approach to the time and cost of each project.

-Business Development Support —  Assist in the development ideation of pitches and new business presentations through a combination of prototyping and design, as well as helping to provide rough estimates on time and complexity of work for future projects.