Who we are

Alloy is a business and brand consultancy, removing the typical excuses for failed brands with cross-discipline team of leaders—research, strategy, and design. The name Alloy comes from our unique ability to unite the hidden needs of people with the strengths of business. It is our core competency and the reason Alloy has spent the last thirty years delivering fearless business leadership for the Fortune 500.

What we believe

Alloy exists to provoke hope and opportunity in business—because that's where people live most of their lives. These are the values that make sure we accomplish this mission every day.



Resonate with structured thought


Challenge the status quo with unconventional combinations


Achieve elite results



Teach to ensure the future


Lead to serve, serve to lead


Encourage others: their work, their ideas, and their future



ALLOY - The meaning behind our name.

A name that represents our core competency—Uniting the hidden needs of people with the greatest strengths of business—and the cross-discipline culture who delivers it every day.

Fearless Business Leadership - Our Mantra

Fearless Business Leadership is our mantra. It encapsulates our relentless pursuit to deliver insights and strategy that keeps your business ahead of the competition and customer expectations; without the typical consultancy excuses attached.

Our company's history


From Individual Talent to Alloy Strong

Years ago, Alloy was comprised of a talented team of individuals that dominated the retail and CPG industry with design and visualization. As the economy began to shift, we began developing differentiation with research and strategy capabilities. We delivered Fortune 500 quality identity and packaging work that is still regarded as elite to this day.

By Jeff Dickson

There was only one problem: Elite design was not necessarily what our client needed. Years of research revealed that most leaders today are so concerned with personal reputation and economic volatility, that they couldn’t move forward with the speed and agility that was required. In other words, we were under-serving our clients. No matter how great the design, we were never certain if we were effective in delivering the confidence our clients needed to lead. Today, the reverse is true where we dominate in research and strategy, with differentiation in design. We continue to grow a robust set of mixed methods research and brand strategy capabilities that is unparalleled in branding consultancies.   

Yet, at the same time, we’ve recognized that this complex service offering is a tall order to fill. It is an entire value chain of social research, integrated brand strategy, and experience design that is doomed to fail if we rely on the efforts and talents of individuals. For that reason, ALLOY has spent years working on developing a cross discipline curriculum derived from the best in each field and supported by years of commercial application—from medium sized businesses to the Fortune 100. Other than scalability, the curriculum’s largest benefits have been its ability to transform talented individuals into leaders and build a cross-discipline culture. We call this ALLOY strong.


Humble beginnings with elite standards

Founded as a design and illustration firm, called “Illustrated Alaskan Moose”, our quality first ethic caught the attention of elite businesses throughout the state of Ohio.



A national reach

Expanded our national reach by developing direct relationships with Fortune 500 companies, as well as strategic relationships with branding consultancies across the United States.


An opportunity to serve even more

Identified a flaw in the management consulting industry that placed too much risk on the client. In response, we began building new competencies aimed at delivering a no-excuse approach to consulting. These competencies included social research, brand strategy, and experience design.



An Alloy approach

We changed our name to ALLOY, reflecting our new business model that centered around a cross-discipline team of socials researchers, brand strategists, and experience designers.


The Alloy School

Expanded our offices and launched The Alloy School, a series of MBA courses on brand leadership. 



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